About the Project

PICTONIO has obtained approval for the application submitted in 2015 to the Incentive Systems of Portugal2020, the investment, the incentive approved, the period of execution and the objectives, detailed below:

Application for the Incentive System for Research and Technological Development:

  • Project in co-promotion between Pictonio and UBI-University of Beira Interior (Project No. 003385)
  • Eligible investment: € 315,225.77, with Pictonio being € 207,654.91
  • Incentive / Non-Reimbursable Support (FEDER): € 232.83,02, with Pictonio being €151.604,88
  • Objective: To strengthen research, technological development and innovation
  • Implementation period: 01-04- 2017 to 12-31- 2018
  • Summary description:

The U.MAKE.ID project main purpose is to promote and stimulate access to the textile industry, footwear and national jewellery, and the necessary resources for production. In this way it will allow creators to concentrate in their creative power and on the other hand reduce significantly the costs of sourcing in the value chain of all those already present in these industries.

The scope of the project is to create an integrated service platform that will reduce access barriers to the above-mentioned industries by building bridges that will reduce the distance between design and production of the various products along the value chain through the simplification of a set of processes that go from sourcing to production, thus facilitating communication and organization among the various players. The U.MAKE.ID platform will allow the designer / brand to understand in a simple and intuitive way all the necessary steps of the production process, from the design of the product to the final product ready to be marketed, allowing them to build their project according to the same, assessing their needs and from these, in a simple and intuitive way, find the relevant manufacturers for the specific needs of your project, made on the one hand sourcing easy and on the other hand allowing an organization centralized and shared among the different stakeholders in the project.

The approved project fits into the priority area of sustainable industrial solutions development strategy through the use of Information and Communication Technologies.